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I’m Tavi Norén

Business Consultant & Digital Marketing Professional

Helping Businesses To Reach Their Objectives

Business Consulting

Strategic planning for startups or existing businesses.

Digital Marketing

Based on the objectives of your business.

Focused on your objectives

Business  Consulting Services

Business Plan

Project Plan



Financial Control

Whether you are starting a new business or have an existing business that needs improvement, these services are for you.

Use my years of experience with Business Planning & Operations, Project Management, and Digital Marketing, to improve a specific area of your business or help you start from the beginning with the best business practices as used by the big and expensive consulting companies in the world.

Business Plan

Making a proper Business Plan when starting a new business will significantly increase the chance of the business becoming a success and also you will need one for potential investors.

Do not re-invent the wheel and get it done quicker by using my world class Business Plan template and my vast business knowledge.

Together we will quickly have ready a Business Plan designed for success and which looks great to present.

Project Management Plan

Are you starting a risky project within an existing business? Then you need a Project Management Plan. Instead of tying to create one from scratch use my ready to go template, which use the same format as used by the top Project Management Companies in the world. I will support you to complete a plan designed for success and that will impress your colleagues and client.


Do you have an idea for a new business but do not know of the market conditions, such as competitors, demand, segments, etc. No worries, I will research for you and you will receive a presentable report with all the information requested.

Financial Control

Are you starting a new business and need financial forecasts for planning purposes? Or are you operating an existing business but your financial control is not what it should be? I can help you to organize your numbers so that you will be in control of profits, losses, and cash flow.


Focused on your objectives

Digital Marketing Services

Branding & Logo


SEO & Ads

Social Media

Photo & Video

Whether you are starting a new business or have an existing business that needs improvement, these services are for you.

Use my years of experience with Digital Marketing and Website creation, to make sure your brand and offers are being seen by your potential customers.

Branding & Logo

Are you just starting your new business and need help with creating the “feel” of your new brand, and positioning it into the right market? Or maybe you have an existing brand but need a refresh on your logo.


The site is designed based on the objectives of your business and in line with your brand. It is optimized for SEO, Responsive, and Fast. See our Website creation process by clicking here.

SEO & Ads

Finding the right keywords to rank on and incorporate those into your  website or social media, to increase organic growth of your sales and exposure. The keywords can also be used to configure ads. After your customer has “found” and interacted with your ad the first time, we will apply retargeting techniques to follow him/her on the internet.

Social Media

Strategy, Set-up, and Content Creation (text or images).

Photo & Video

I use the most appropriate equipment based on the purpose of the resulting images. For example, for making images of a real estate property it could be best to use a camera, suited for indoor images, and a drone to get panoramic views from the outside.


which one fits your business needs?

Ready Packages


  • Market Research
  • Concept and Branding
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Webbsite

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Strategy Plan
  • Logo
  • Webbsite
  • Site Hosting & Maintenance

Financial Control & Transactions

Get control over your businesses financial transactions and always know what is the planned and actual profot/loss.

About Me

My home is Rio de Janeiro and it’s the city I love. The atmosphere is vibrant, fun, and the people and the climate are warm.

However, I had a traveling lifestyle for many years. Driven by my work as a Senior Project Manager for the telecom giant Ericsson and diverse consultation services.

Finally, I managed to have worked in 16 countries in 4 countinents and in total I have visited 43 countries. Having had the opportunity to learn from so many different cultures and people I consider one of my greatest differencials today.

I have also started several small businesses myself, in the areas of tourism, education, and technology. And I am passionate about business and marketing.

I went to ASU, where I earned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Finance.

On my free time I love to go for long walks around the lake you see in the above photo and see the sunset at Ipanema Beach.

Contact me now so we can start talking about your business needs and objectives.


Helping business to plan for success, improve their whole business process, and to become relevant and visible to their customers.


We want our customers to trust us and feel that we work completely to satisfy their needs. We also value Simplicity and Effectiveness.

Favorite Quotes

“Say what you will do and do what you say.”

What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.”

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